In 2002, I began my studies in architecture and cinema in the public university of Madrid which I later concluded in San Juan, Puerto Rico. During those years, I worked in the audiovisual department of Madrid's Architecture School library creating DVD editions like this
In 2007, I co-founded AA&NN together with my brother Aaron Busca , which served us as an umbrella for a diversity of projects we had in mind. These projects ranged from the tech-centric ones like Begigorri and Arriurdin, to the most nostalgic ones like  DBBP or ChronOtomo, and others like Frozeen that were conceived as toolkits. Through the years, the ideas that come and go have kept our Lab and minds busy.
In 2011, we founded the publishing house ahabi to release the comics I was creating under the nickname Ian Nose. Today our comics are available worldwide as paperbacks in Amazon and as ebooks in KindleApple iBooks and ComiXology. All of our books are published in multiple languages, including Basque, one of the most ancient languages in the world and the one in which I write all my manuscripts.
From an early age, I've had a great passion for film and animation, something that has driven me to collaborate with friends in a variety of short films, music videos and multimedia adventures like this, this, this and this, to link a few. In these works I've usually played the role of photographer and/or editor.
Along the road, I've been extremely lucky to meet great talented groups of people with whom I have collaborated and from whom I have learned a lot.  Architecture offices such as Temperaturas Extremas and  Ecosistema Urbano in Spain and film production companies like Nostrom Moving Images in Puerto Rico are some of these. With the latter,  I've storyboarded commercial campaigns for major brands such as MCS, T-Mobile and Universal.
To stay tuned with what I do, you can check the social sites on the upper right corner of this page or you can visit my blog. If you want to see everything that inspires us and keeps us going in AA&NN you can also visit our chronoblog.
You can contact me anytime via e-mail. I will be glad to hear from you.
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